WHSCC statutory review announced
NLEC calling for legislative change in the system to reduce Employer Insurance Premiums The Provincial Government has announced the start of the Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission (WHSCC) statutory review. A committee representing key stakeholders has been appointed to oversee the statutory review process, including NLEC member Claude Horlick, and labour representative Dave Burry. Ralph  [...]
NLEC calling for amalgamation of OHS Branch and WHSCC due to inefficiencies revealed in AG’s report
The NL Employers’ Council (NLEC) is calling for the amalgamation of the Workplace, Health Safety & Compensation Commission (WHSCC) and the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Branch of Service NL in order to increase efficiency and decrease the cost of our Worker’s Compensation system. Currently, the legislated responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety education lies  [...]
NLEC asks for review of public sector pensions at pre-budget consultations
NLEC Executive Director Richard Alexander addressed Minister of Finance Tom Marshall Friday as part of government’s pre-budget consultations. Alexander urged government to develop an aggressive and proactive plan for debt reduction that should include evaluation and reform of the current public sector pension plan. In his opening presentation, Marshall told attendees that unfunded pension liabilities  [...]
NLEC Conference panel discussion on EI creates a stir
The panel discussion “Government’s Role – The impact of social programs on the labour market” held at this year’s NLEC Conference on November 16th in St. John’s, is continuing to make quite a stir in the local media. The panel, moderated by Blogger and Media Commentator Geoff Meeker, featured Association of Seafood Producers President Derek  [...]
Progressive Conservative platform promises to eliminate payroll tax
Finance Minister Tom Marshall attributes policy to Employers’ Council lobby effort In today’s release of their 2011 Policy Blue Book, the Progressive Conservative Party promised to work toward the elimination of the Health and Post Secondary Education Tax (HAPSET), commonly known as Payroll Tax. If elected, the PC’s promise to raise the exemption incrementally, reducing  [...]
Richard Alexander debates Back to Work Legislation with Lana Payne on CBC Crosstalk
NLEC Executive Director, Richard Alexander and Federation of Labour President, Lana Payne, discussed the implications of Back to Work Legislation on both business and labour on CBC Radio Noon CrossTalk with Ramona Dearing on Wednesday, September 21st. In the program, Alexander questioned Payne on her contradictory views on political third party interference in a labour dispute.  [...]
NLEC reacts to Federal Budget
Richard Alexander, Executive Director of the NLEC and Bradley George, Director of Provincial Affairs for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) met at the Duke of Duckworth to watch the 2011 Federal Budget. Get their reaction here.  [...]
NLEC Executive Director meets with Minister of State on PRPPs
Urging provincial government to implement legislation allowing employers to voluntary offer retirement savings option to employees Federal Minister of State (Finance), Ted Menzies, was in St. John’s today meeting with business representatives, including NL Employers’ Council (NLEC) Executive Director, Richard Alexander, on the Federal government’s proposed Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs). The proposed PRPPs will  [...]
Provincial government releases Labour Market Outlook 2020
In a press conference yesterday, Minister of Human Resources, Labour & Employment Minister Darin King released “Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Outlook 2020.” This report provides a forecast of the province’s labour market demands for the next decade and outlines the opportunities that will exist in numerous sectors. The NLEC encourages all employers to review  [...]
2009 survey of NLEC membership on impact of EI system still creating buzz
In late 2009, Corporate Research Associates, an independent business research group based in Nova Scotia, conducted a survey of NLEC members to study the effects of Employment Insurance and Workers Compensation on the workplace. The NLEC recently revisited these results in media coverage surrounding our workshop “Navigating the EI System”, and the facts are continuing  [...]