NLEC holds CEO Roundtable on Business Priorities
On Thursday, May 30th the NLEC held the CEO Roundtable on Business Priorities, an event for the province’s business leaders to network and debate pro-growth public policies that could best position Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) as the place to do business. Twenty CEO level executives from NLEC member organizations met in a confidential, closed-door environment to discuss four subject matter  [...]
Employers disappointed by changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program
The Harper government announced reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) Monday.  The Government is introducing legislative, regulatory and administrative changes that will: effective immediately, require employers to pay temporary foreign workers at the prevailing wage by removing the existing wage flexibility; effective immediately, temporarily suspend the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion process; increase the Government’s  [...]
NLEC asks Worker’s Compensation Statutory Review Committee to take our system out of last place
NLEC Executive Director, Richard Alexander presented to the Workers Compensation Statutory Review Committee yesterday at the Ramada Hotel, asking the committee to make recommendations that go far enough and succeed where other reviews have fallen short — in finally bringing our system out of last place. The NLEC has been leading a strong lobby to  [...]
NL employers frustrated & angry with highest Worker’s Compensation premiums in the country
The NL Employers’ Council recently travelled across the province hosting focus groups for employers to discuss the impact the high cost of the Worker’s Compensation system has on local businesses and the economy. Newfoundland & Labrador has had the highest Worker’s Compensation insurance premiums for employers (currently 37% higher than the Canadian average), for almost the last 20  [...]
NLEC calls for removal of inefficiencies, inequities and loopholes in Worker’s Compensation system
The NL Employers’ Council (NLEC) released recommendations for legislative change to the Worker’s Compensation system in Newfoundland & Labrador on Thursday. NLEC Executive Director Richard Alexander highlighted inefficiencies, inequalities and loopholes that contribute to employers in Newfoundland & Labrador paying the highest Worker’s Compensation Employer Insurance Premiums in the country. Worker’s Compensation in Newfoundland &  [...]
NLEC asks government to reduce spending and restructure pensions at pre-budget consultations
The NLEC has been an advocate for employers during the 2013 pre budget consultations. Executive Director, Richard Alexander stressed the urgency to reduce government spending and restructure the public sector pension plans. Sustainable spending now is extremely important to the future economic success of our province. The NLEC is concerned that without prudent financial management,  [...]
Dynamic Air Shelters & Marine Atlantic named Employers of Distinction for 2013
Dynamic Air Shelters and Marine Atlantic were named the 2013 NLEC Employers of Distinction on Friday, February 14th. Kay Riggs, Vice-President accepted on behalf of Dynamic Air Shelters, who won the award in the small employer category. Paul Griffen, President & CEO accepted on behalf of Marine Atlantic. The Employer of Distinction Awards honour top  [...]
NLEC supports Jan 6th EI changes designed to remove disincentives to work and connect people to jobs
Employers who feel they are competing with the EI system for labour should begin to experience some relief as reforms to the Employment Insurance (EI) system announced last spring took effect Sunday. As of Jan. 6, people drawing EI benefits will be expected to put together career resumes, sign up at job banks, go to  [...]
Seeking protection for employers from drastic minimum wage increases The  Labour Relations Agency released the advisory committee’s review on minimum wage yesterday. The three-member advisory committee was appointed this summer and solicited public and stakeholder submissions on the minimum wage. The report outlined two recommendations for the Provincial Government to consider: That the minimum wage  [...]
Economist Morley Gunderson says NLs worker’s compensation system must be reformed
The NL Employers’ Council (NLEC) released findings of a study by economist Morley Gunderson, Ph.D. on the economic impact of high Worker’s Compensation employer insurance premiums on Newfoundland & Labrador Thursday morning. Newfoundland & Labrador has had the highest worker’s compensation employer insurance premiums of any province in the country for nearly two decades. The study  [...]