Richard Alexander debates Anti-replacement Worker Legislation on CBC’s Radio Noon and Here & Now

The issue of anti-replacement worker legislation has been making headlines again, with the recent use of replacement workers by Ocean Choice International (OCI).

NLEC Executive Director, Richard Alexander has been in the news defending employers right to use replacement workers and the importance of maintaining this ability in our labour legislation. Anti-replacement worker legislation would inhibit employers ability to survive a labour dispute and shift the balance of power in favour of unions. This legislation would be damaging not only to our labour relations climate, but would negatively impact business attraction and investment in this province. Currently, only two jurisdictions in North America have such legislation, and it has been proven to increase the frequency and duration of strikes.

On February 9th, Alexander debated the issue live on CBC Radio Noon CrossTalk with Mary Shortall from the Canadian Labour Congress – view a podcast of the show here. On February 14th Alexander debated anti-replacement worker legislation with Federation of Labour President Lana Payne on CBC-TV Here & Now.

For more information on the NLEC’s position on anti-replacement worker legislation, view the advocacy page related to this topic.

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