Employers’ Council urging Premier and opposition leader to remain impartial in private labour disputes
The Employers’ Council is exceptionally concerned about comments Premier Dwight Ball and PC leader Ches Crosbie have made surrounding potential government intervention in an ongoing labour dispute between Unifor and DJ Composites. Government and the opposition appear to be conceding to Unifor’s demands that the House of Assembly be opened to pass legislation surrounding binding arbitration  [...]
Mandatory secret ballot vote on union certification reinstated
Bill 22, an Act To Amend The Labour Relations Act passed in the House of Assembly yesterday. The Bill proposes to eliminate the card based system of union certification imposed in 2012 and reinstate mandatory secret ballot voting to determine if workers want to be represented by a union in their workplace. All Progressive Conservative  [...]
NLEC discusses inaccuracy of card based system of union certification
NLEC Executive Director Richard Alexander discussed the inaccuracy of Newfoundland & Labrador’s current card based union certification system with VOCM Openline guest host Tim Powers on Friday. The issue was also raised as part of a Roundtable on Business on VOCM on Thursday, January 9th. The NLEC has been lobbying government to reinstate mandatory secret  [...]
NLEC pleased with what is not included in labour legislation amendments, disappointed with what is
The Provincial Government introduced amendments to the Labour Relations Actand the Public Service Collective Bargaining Act in the House of Assembly yesterday, resulting from the Voisey’s Bay Industrial Inquiry, the James Oakley Report on the Special Project Order (SPO) provisions, and the recently completed review of the Labour Relations Act conducted by the Employment Relations  [...]
Richard Alexander debates Anti-replacement Worker Legislation on CBC’s Radio Noon and Here & Now
The issue of anti-replacement worker legislation has been making headlines again, with the recent use of replacement workers by Ocean Choice International (OCI). NLEC Executive Director, Richard Alexander has been in the news defending employers right to use replacement workers and the importance of maintaining this ability in our labour legislation. Anti-replacement worker legislation would  [...]
Richard Alexander debates Back to Work Legislation with Lana Payne on CBC Crosstalk
NLEC Executive Director, Richard Alexander and Federation of Labour President, Lana Payne, discussed the implications of Back to Work Legislation on both business and labour on CBC Radio Noon CrossTalk with Ramona Dearing on Wednesday, September 21st. In the program, Alexander questioned Payne on her contradictory views on political third party interference in a labour dispute.  [...]
The NLEC is disappointed with the Phase Two Report from the Voisey’s Bay Industrial Inquiry Commission. The organization takes exception to the Commission’s recommendation for radical change to labour legislation that would impact all unionized workplaces in this province, based on one labour dispute – a dispute which has already been resolved under our current  [...]