The NL Employers’ Council offers mandatory Occupational Health & Safety Committee Training and Designate/ Representative Training on a regular basis. All employers in Newfoundland & Labrador are required to have individuals in their workplace complete a mandatory Occupational Health & Safety Training course, as follows:

  • Workplaces with less than 10 workers shall provide training for a workplace health & safety representative
  • Workplaces with less than 6 persons shall provide training for a workplace health & safety designate, when applicable
  • Workplaces with 10 – 49 workers shall provide training for the occupational health and safety committee co-chairs
  • Workplaces with 50 or more workers shall provide training for all occupational health and safety committee members

The NLEC offers both 2 Day Committee Training and 1.5 Day Representative/Designate training in the same course. Those doing the 1.5 day training will finish at lunch time on the second day.

Training includes:

  • An examination of OH&S legislation, the internal responsibility system, due diligence and workers’ “right to refuse unsafe work”
  • An examination of the roles and responsibilities of OH&S committees and WH&S representatives/WH&S designate and how both will operate
  • An introduction to OH&S, the roles of stakeholders
  • An examination of hazard recognition, evaluation and control
  • • Information on how to deal with workplace inspections, how to conduct workplace inspections and the role of workplace inspections in returning injured workers to the workplace

Employers are required to pay for the training and compensate a worker for participating in training as if the training were regular work. Once completed, the Commission will issue a certificate to the participant.

This course is fully WHSCC accredited. See training times and locations in the events calendar below.

Events Calendar