NL Employers’ Council and St. John’s Board of Trade Announce Wage Support Program
St. John’s, NL – The  Newfoundland and Labrador Employers’ Council and the St. John’s Board of Trade, in partnership with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, announced today a new wage support program to assist small and medium businesses in response to the April 1st minimum wage increase. The announcement was made today at Bannerman  [...]
Employers’ Council reacts to the fiscal update
The Employers’ Council has been in the news reacting to the mid year financial update by the Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Siobhan Coady. View some of our media coverage: News Talk – Linda Swain VOCM – Oct. 20, 2023 On The Go – Anthony Germain CBC – Nov. 1, 2023 Business News – David  [...]
Employers’ Council secures payroll tax reduction in Budget 2023
Our efforts to call attention to the cost of doing business in NL are paying off. Today’s provincial budget included an increase in the payroll tax (Heath and Post Secondary Education tax, or HAPSET) threshold from $1.3 M to $2 M. This will exempt 1250 businesses from paying this 2% tax on payroll. In conversations  [...]
Employers’ Council Calls for Immediate Increase in Immigration Allotment
On November 24th, provincial Immigration Minister, Hon. Gerry Byrne, held a news conference calling on Ottawa for an immediate increase in NL’s immigration allotment and to double the number of spaces allocated to this province to nominate newcomers for permanent residency. The Employers’ Council was there to add your voice to the province’s call for  [...]
Employers’ Council Reacts to Fiscal Update
The Employers’ Council has been in the news this week responding to the fall fiscal update. On Wednesday, October 19th, Finance Minister Siobhan Coady gave an update on the province’s fiscal position. The Minister announced an unexpected surplus of $479 M, up from a projected deficit of $351 M at budget time. The province is  [...]
Employers’ Council appoints new Executive Director
August 31st, 2022 St. John’s, NL – Jaclyn Sullivan has been chosen as the successful candidate for the Executive Director of the NL Employers’ Council. Sullivan is a long-time employee of the organization, serving as second in command for the last 14 years as manager of public relations and strategy. “Over the last decade, Jaclyn  [...]
The End of an Era: Long time Employers’ Council Executive Director Richard Alexander will step down in May to pursue new adventures
April 21st, 2022, St. John’s, NL – With a mixture of sadness and deep gratitude the Board of Directors of the NL Employers’ Council announces the departure of its long time Executive Director, Richard Alexander, to pursue a new professional challenge as Vice President, Atlantic for Restaurants Canada. Alexander’s final day at the Employers’ Council  [...]
Employers’ Council reacts to the provincial budget
The Employers’ Council has been in the news reacting to yesterday’s provincial budget. Media coverage links are below. Your association has run three campaigns and done hundreds of meetings and interviews on the province’s spending problem. It is our number one advocacy issue. While government admits they have had a spending problem it is clear  [...]
Employers’ Council reacts to the provincial labour shortage
The NL Employers’ Council has been in the news talking about labour shortages and vaccine passports. Several factors contribute to the current labour shortage, including demographics, immigration challenges and COVID support programs. Many employers are concerned that these programs are providing a disincentive for employees to return to work. This phenomenon is being experienced across  [...]
Employers’ Council reacts to ‘The Big Reset’
On Thursday, May 6th, Dame Moya Greene released the long awaited report from the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team. The report entitled ‘The Big Reset’ highlighted the dire financial crisis the province is facing and how we can ‘right the ship’. The NL Employer’s Council Executive Director, Richard Alexander, was in the news responding to the  [...]
New poll shows public wants a plan to restructure government program and service delivery to be affordable
The vast majority of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians (85%) say it is important to them personally that government develop a plan to restructure and modernize government services to be affordable and sustainable. Only 4% feel this is not important. This according to public opinion polling conducted by Narrative Research from January 6-19, 2021. 77% of NL  [...]
Employers’ Council calls for credible plan to fix spending problem
The Employers’ Council has been in the news this week calling for a credible plan to modernize and reform government program delivery and address our province’s spending problem. Earlier this month we also defended the Economic Recovery Team following Mary Shortall’s resignation, calling out the need for a credible and transparent plan to provide certainty  [...]
Government delivers “more of the same” in pandemic Budget
Speech provides hope that action on spending reform to come next year New Finance Minister Siobhan Coady released her first budget yesterday amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The delayed 2020-21 budget delivered more of the same in terms of increased expenditures, large deficits and massive amounts of borrowing. Expenses increased $524 M over 2019-20, to a  [...]
COVID-19 Supply Chain & Fiscal Situation
The Employers’ Council has been in the media discussing the continued challenges faced by NL businesses due to COVID-19, as well as the need for swift action by the incoming premier on the province’s fiscal situation. While many in the public feel that NL’s economy is back to normal due to the low number of  [...]
NL Employers’ Council reacts to $2.1 B deficit
Minister Tom Osborne presented the provincial fiscal update on Friday, July 24th. The provincial deficit is now $2.1 billion, which is more than double the projected deficit in the last budget. Borrowing has also increased by $2 billion to $3.2 billion. These projections do not include any budgetary decisions. The province plans to release a  [...]
Elected officials must put politics aside and develop a plan to fix the fiscal crisis
The Employers’ Council sent a letter to all elected officials in NL yesterday, asking them to use the reopening of the House of Assembly today as an opportunity to develop a long term fiscal plan for the province. Read the full letter. The letter urges elected representatives to give the same focus and urgency to  [...]
Business needs more timely support from government
The NL Employers’ Council was in the news this week calling for more timely support from the provincial government to help businesses survive Covid-19 shutdowns, and swifter action to address the province’s economic crisis. The NL Employers’ Council, along with eight other business associations sent a letter to government in early April outlining no-cost and  [...]
Employers’ Council creates media buzz on “Transforming our Future”
The NL Employers’ Council generated significant media coverage last week by securing interviews for guest speakers from our Transforming our Future summit on all major news broadcasts. We also secured multiple follow-up interviews with Executive Director, Richard Alexander, calling for a credible plan to fix our fiscal situation. Watch the coverage now using the links  [...]
Employers’ Council speaks out on impact of SOE on business
The NL Employers’ Council has been in the news today and yesterday raising awareness of the impact the state of emergency has had on businesses, many of whom are dealing with significant losses and stress as a result of being shut down for a week. Some employees and labour leaders have been publicly pressing all  [...]
Employers’ Council speaks out as fiscal situation worsens
Finance Minister Tom Osborne issued the fall fiscal update last week, showing the deficit for 2019-20 had grown to $943-million. This is up significantly from the $575 million projected in the 2019 budget. Government attributed this to factors “outside of their control”, specifically decreased revenue. This included $185 M from a shutdown in Hibernia, lower  [...]
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