Andrew Pike
Safety Sector Advisor
368-6532 x 223

Assisting employers ensure a healthy and safe work environment is an ongoing priority for the NL Employers' Council (NLEC). The NLEC works in partnership with WorkplaceNL and the NL Federation of Labour (NLFL) to establish industry specific safety sector councils in Newfoundland & Labrador. The Sectoral Council Project was developed as a means for industry to promote all aspects of occupational health and safety and return to work, with the long-term goal of establishing sound prevention and return-to-work practices that result in safe workplaces across all industries. Andrew Pike, NLEC Safety Sector Advisor works with the NLFL and WorkplaceNL to explore the feasibility of industry specific sectoral councils, assist in their establishment and development, and act as a resource to existing safety sector councils.

To date, there are four individual sector councils:

Each group works independently of one another to provide the best safety services possible to their respective industries.

If you have a question about Occupational Health & Safety, would like to become involved in an existing safety council, or are interested in learning more about the program, funding, or developing your own sector council, please contact Sector Advisor Andrew Pike.