Richard Alexander debates Back to Work Legislation with Lana Payne on CBC Crosstalk

NLEC Executive Director, Richard Alexander and Federation of Labour President, Lana Payne, discussed the implications of Back to Work Legislation on both business and labour on CBC Radio Noon CrossTalk with Ramona Dearing on Wednesday, September 21st.

In the program, Alexander questioned Payne on her contradictory views on political third party interference in a labour dispute. While Payne spoke very adamantly against Federal Back to Work Legislation as a fundamental breach of the rights of unionized workers, she is supportive of removing worker rights to free collective bargaining, as reccomended in the Voisey’s Bay Industrial Inquiry Report.

The NLEC is opposed to political interference in a labour dispute, as it is well outside the accepted principles of collectve bargaining legislaton in North America and free market economics. The reccomendations of the Industrial Inquiry Commission surrounding imposition of collective agreements would make Newfoundland & Labrador an anomoly in Labour Relations Legislation, and negatively impact business attraction and investment in this province.

To hear a podcast of the full show, click here.

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