Employers’ Council reacts to the provincial labour shortage

The NL Employers’ Council has been in the news talking about labour shortages and vaccine passports.

Several factors contribute to the current labour shortage, including demographics, immigration challenges and COVID support programs. Many employers are concerned that these programs are providing a disincentive for employees to return to work. This phenomenon is being experienced across the country, and NL is not immune.

Businesses in this province have had to do such things as reduce hours, recruit out of province, and bring back retired employees to maintain operations. The shortage for some is critical. Executive Director, Richard Alexander, said, “We need our economy to grow now. The Federal Government needs to look at regional differences and make adjustments to COVID benefits to ensure these programs don’t hold back economic recovery”.

On October 8, 2021, the provincial government introduced their version of a vaccine passport. Richard Alexander reminded the public that, under legislation, everyone in a workplace has a responsibility to do everything reasonable to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

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