Employers’ Council creates media buzz on “Transforming our Future”

The NL Employers’ Council generated significant media coverage last week by securing interviews for guest speakers from our Transforming our Future summit on all major news broadcasts. We also secured multiple follow-up interviews with Executive Director, Richard Alexander, calling for a credible plan to fix our fiscal situation.

Watch the coverage now using the links below.

The Transforming our Future summit took place on Tuesday, February 25 at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland. Guest speakers included Dr. Janice MacKinnon, Former NDP Finance Minister for the Province of Saskatchewan and Pedro Antunes, Chief Economist for the Conference Board of Canada.

Discussion focused on how modernizing government service delivery is key to future prosperity to the province by saving money, addressing our debt burden, improving outcomes and creating opportunity. Both Antunes and MacKinnon said that government does not appear to have a credible plan to address the province’s debt and deficit, and that government should act now, before it gets too late.

The Employers’ Council continues to ask government for a credible fiscal plan that provides a vision for future financial sustainability for the province, creating confidence, stability and hope, which will in turn lead to a brighter economic future.

View some of the media coverage:

Pedro Antunes & Richard Alexander live with Fred Hutton & Gerri-Lynn Mackey
VOCM Morning Show – Feb. 25

Pedro Antunes & Richard Alexander live with Krissy Holmes
CBC Radio St. John’s Morning Show – Feb. 25

Dr. Janice MacKinnon live with Ted Blades
CBC On The Go – Feb. 25

Dr. Janice MacKinnon in studio with Anthony Germain
CBC Here & Now – Feb. 25

How does NL avoid bankruptcy? Ask a former finance minister
Janice MacKinnon live in studio with Toni Marie Wiseman
NTV First Edition – Feb. 25

Financial experts warn province needs to change course to avoid crisis
NTV Evening News – Feb. 25

“The Carter File” – Pedro Antunes and Dr. Janice MacKinnon interviews/event coverage
NTV News – Feb. 25

Economist Suggests Much of NL’s Debt Rests on Spending Problem, Not Revenue
VOCM News – Feb. 25

Dr. Janice MacKinnon – Urging Politicians To Take Control Over The Province’s Financial Situation
VOCM News – Feb. 26

Former Saskatchewan Finance Minister says NL burdened by high health care costs
VOCM News – Feb. 26

Government Criticized for Lack of Plan – Minister Osborne Reaction
NTV News – Feb. 26 (at 5:21)

Minister Haggie says Province Has Plan to Restructure Health Care System
VOCM News – Feb. 27th

“Let’s Make our own choices while we can”
The Telegram – Feb. 29

Richard Alexander live in studio with Linda Swain
“On Target” VOCM – Feb. 28

Questions Raised Over Whether Provincial Budget Will be Tabled this Year
VOCM News – Feb. 29

Richard Alexander in studio with Michael Connors
NTV Issues & Answers – Feb. 29

“Week In Review” – Pedro Antunes and Dr. Janice MacKinnon interviews/event coverage
NTV News – March 1

“Week In Review” – Minister Osborne defends government plan
NTV News – March 1

The upcoming change in leadership and election provide an opportunity for the business community to emphasize the need for a better long term fiscal plan for the province. The Employers’ Council will continue to to call attention to this issue.