Economist Morley Gunderson says NLs worker’s compensation system must be reformed

The NL Employers’ Council (NLEC) released findings of a study by economist Morley Gunderson, Ph.D. on the economic impact of high Worker’s Compensation employer insurance premiums on Newfoundland & Labrador Thursday morning. Newfoundland & Labrador has had the highest worker’s compensation employer insurance premiums of any province in the country for nearly two decades.

The study was commissioned by the NLEC and conducted by award winning economist Morley Gunderson, Professor at the Centre for Industrial Relations and the Department of Economics at the University of Toronto. In the study Gunderson evaluates worker’s compensation employer insurance premiums paid in Newfoundland & Labrador as compared to other provinces since 1993; the impact having the highest premiums has on various stakeholders – employers, workers and communities; and the macroeconomic or aggregate economic impact on the economy of Newfoundland & Labrador. View a summary of key quotes and findings.

Gunderson concludes that the “excessive” employer insurance premiums in this province have an impact not just on employers, but on employees, consumers and communities.

View Gunderson’s report here.

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