NLEC defends use of Temporary Foreign Workers

On April 24th, Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada, Jason Kenney, announced a moratorium on the Food Services Sector’s access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The NLEC immediately jumped to the defence of employers in this sector who are utilizing Temporary Foreign Workers. Placing a moratorium on an entire sector due to allegations of abuse by a small number of employers is unfair and unwarranted. The NLEC has made representation to Minister Kenney asking for quick resolution to this issue, and will continue to advocate for a lifting of this general ban.

NLEC Executive Director, Richard Alexander debated the use of Temporary Foreign Workers on CBC Radio Crosstalk with Mary Shortall, President of the Federation of Labour and MUN economist Doug May on April 25th. Listen to the full CBC Radio podcast here.

Read an article in the Telegram.

NLEC members are encouraged to contact the NLEC with their feedback on this moratorium and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in general.

Details on TFW Moratorium

ESDC will no longer process LMOs for occupations in the Food Services Sector.

LMOs will not be processed for occupations classified by the 2002 North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS 2002) in Food Services and Drinking Places (NAICS subsector 722). Please see this list for further detail.

Employers that have submitted applications and paid the processing fee, but have not yet received an LMO, will be refunded the full processing fee.

Any unused positions on positive LMOs that have been issued to employers for these sectors will be suspended and therefore will no longer be able to be used to obtain a worker permit.

For more information, visit the ESDC website. 

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