Weed in the Workplace

The Employers’ Council was in the media yesterday reminding people that just because marijuana is now legal, that doesn’t mean it is okay to be impaired at work.

On May 8th, 2018 the Employers’ Council held a workshop on the legalization of marijuana at Glendenning Golf Course in St. John’s. The major takeaway was that impairment from marijuana should be treated like impairment from any other substance in the workplace. Employers already deal with potential impairment at work from alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs, and other sources. Now is a good time for employers to review their drug and alcohol policies to ensure they are up to date, and remind employees of your policy on impairment in the workplace.

This document summarizes other key takeaways from the event, including the effects of marijuana, policy development, managing impairment at work, and medical marijuana/ human rights concerns.


Click here to view workshop speaker bio’s and contact information.  

Employers can view this page from CCOHS for more information.